Divi Weather 2.0

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New Features Include


More ways to fetch data

Fetch weather data using one of the following methods:

  • city name
  • postal code, country code
  • open weather map city ID

More weather data

While the original Divi Weather module showed temperature and weather conditions, the new Divi Weather module also gives you the ability to display additional weather data, such as wind speed and direction, pressure and humidity.


Comprehensive CSS access

The new Divi Weather module gives you full CSS access to all of the elements the module uses right in the builder so you can truly make each module your own without having to dive into stylesheets (unless you want to!)


Visual Builder Compatible

Whether you prefer to build in the Visual Builder, the new Back End Builder or the Classic Back End Builder, Divi Weather is fully compatible with all 3 so you can work where you feel most comfortable.


Show Forecasts

The new Divi Weather has the ability to display forecasted temperature and weather conditions up to 16 days out.


Switch Units

The new Divi Weather module allows you to instantly switch between imperial and metric units so you can display the weather data your visitors need.

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